If Josie's Adoption was the fastest, easiest case ever then Gabriel's was the longest, most difficult.

We had to fight every step of the way to be sure this Little Man's future stayed as bright as his deep, gorgeous eyes.

We had all but given up on getting any more babies sent our way when, in the middle of a Summer Beach Trip, we got the call that would forever change our path.

Little Baby Boy.

Grey skinned and neglected.

Came in to our house and made himself a place that only he could fill.

With Josie, we had no Birth Parent Visits, no court dates.  Her adoption was a garuntee from the day they dropped her off at our front door.

Gabriel had to be sent off twice a week to visit with a woman he didn't even know for over a year.  We headed back into the court room every 3 months.

For a taste of what adopting through Foster Care is really like, here's the links to all our court dates.