Reason To Be Happy

Our sweet little boy's been very happy lately.

With good reason to.

We got great news about his future last week.

We had our monthly home visit with his caseworker and she very nonchalantly told me that she has turned in the Termination Paperwork.

Did you hear me people!?!?!

Termination Paperwork!

Turned IN! 

I'm pretty sure she thought I already knew based on the way she told me, but my jaw hit the floor and I'm pretty sure I was smiling as big as Big Fat Baby is!

She told me that after FOUR positive drug tests, no proof of income, and unsuitable living conditions she just feels that Gabriel is exactly where he needs to be.

And we couldn't agree more.

So what exactly does this mean?

Good question.

We go back to court on May 6th to extend DFACS custody another 6 months.  This is routine and required since the 12 month custody order will be expiring in June.

We will be going to that hearing and technically the Judge could grant termination at that hearing, but it's unlikely since the paperwork was just turned in.

What we're really waiting for is a Termination Hearing Date.

That could be anywhere from next week to 4 months from now.  Just depends on the court docket.

At that hearing, the entire case will be rehashed.

And based on where the case stands now, we will get termination!

Of course, there is still a chance that the Judge could decide Baby Mama needs more time, but I'm confident that won't happen.

We have been assigned a CASA Worker (a person who will advocate soley on Gabe's behalf in court), but we haven't heard from them yet.  I'm giving it another week before I contact them.

They will pull a lot of weight in court and I am SO happy that he is getting this service!

After Termination is granted, Baby Mama's rights are totally, completely, 100% severed.

She has 30 days to appeal the court's decision, which is very unlikely.

After that time is up, we will get the adoption paperwork written up and wait for an Adoption Hearing.

Then, this whole ordeal will be over.

Gabe will be Gabe.

For real.

And that's a real reason to be happy! 

We still covet your prayers.

May 6th will be a big day and we are also praying that we are granted a Termination Hearing very, very soon.


Megan said...

That is wonderful news. I have tears in my eyes. You guys are a wonderful family and that little guy in in just the right place! Continuing to pray for you guys!

Amy said...

great...just what we need, another Pope running around! ;) LOVE my sweet boy!

Anonymous said...

My love and well wishes for this beautiful baby boy, who God placed with a very special family. Only up up up from here!!

Donovan Doins said...

What a huge praise!

Anonymous said...

Cheers to Gabe!!

MyLinda said...

I am SO happy to hear this news!! Praying that all goes smoothly for your family and that gorgeous little guy :)

Hollie said...

that's great news! gabe is adorable. :)

got your email, i found the yellow dress at Ross (which means it was super cheap, too!)

praying you guys continue to get good news!

kimmer said...

Love that little sweet boy!!! These are the best pics! Love Josie giving him the big HUG! He is loved beyond words and exactly where he should be! Sending big love to you all from AZ! May God continue to bless him with a future as a Pope! Xxxxoooooxxx!

bri said...

SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! What a sweet sweet blessing! Such a precious family!

Keshet said...

I used to work with CASA, so reading your end of the story is fascinating! Exciting news!

Coastalpines said...

I have been following your blog for some time now and I am overjoyed at this wonderful news. These children are so beautiful and they are clearly where they are meant to be... I am so inspired by your journey and keep you all in my prayers :)