Andrew and I are doing awesome at keeping our Weekly Dates up.

We've been having SO much fun and are feeling really, really in sync with each other.

The only problem we've run into is you can only see so many movies and going out to eat gets pretty routine.

This week we both wanted to get adventurous and try something new.

Andrew did some research and presented me with 3 options.

And I have no idea why, but I went with Option 3.

Which was a flashback to my Middle School Days.

Yup, we seriously went downtown and rented Rollerblades.

I'll be honest.  

I was nervous and not so subtly tried to get out of it on the way to Piedmont Park.

But Andrew seemed so excited I ended up letting him strap on the blades.

He's just too cute for me to say no to!

Please don't let my smile fool you.

I was miserable.

I'm sure I gave all the Park Goers an excellent show.

Between whining and screaming that I couldn't stop I'm sure I was quite the sight.

I swore I was going at least 20 MPH down every tiny hill.  Andrew assured me I was barely moving, but I still don't believe him.

After what felt like 3 hours, Andrew suddenly sat down and said it was time to call it a day.

Turns out he absolutely hated it to!

He kept saying over and over, "I used to Rollerblade all over the place for hours!"

I kindly reminded him that was at least 15 years ago!

Times have changed.

So our adventurous date was a total flop.

But we laughed so hard that it's a day that I will never forget!

Oh, and what felt like a 3 hour jaunt around the park was actually about 35 minutes.  

Half of which was spent trying to figure out how to stop!

We ended up going to eat huge burgers and see a movie.

Much more our speed!


kimmer said...

I think I see bikes there in a few of those photos....perhaps next time you go for a bike ride or a walk around a lake somewhere......I'm just sayin'....

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

Haha! Hilarious! My husband and I try to have date nights for $15 or less every other week, and sometimes it's a total flop too. We usually go to the cheap movie theatre and get coffee or frozen yogurt. A total fall-back plan for us too! :) But good for you guys for making time to spend together!

Kameron said...

I ate it the only time I ever tried rollerblading! I will only skate in a skating rink...and I'm sure that won't be a pretty site either! At least you guys can laugh about it!