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Well, it's Court Day.

Round 4.

I'm sure you're all expecting a heartfelt plea for prayers.  A post exclaiming how nervous I am.

But that's not what you're getting.

Of course, we need and crave as many Prayer Warriors as possible to storm Heaven on our behalf, but for the first time in 11 Months, I'm not nervous.

TPR's have been filed.  

His Birth Mother has been served.

We are coasting to the end of this.

Then again, it isn't over until the Judge signs the official papers, but I have a calmness covering me that is making this go round much easier.

Last week, Gabriel's CASA Worker called us to set up a meeting.  She wanted to meet Gabe, meet us, see our house, and get as much info as possible.

I was a nervous wreck the night before our meeting.

I felt like I was going on a job interview where I would be required to prove that I was the best Mother for Gabriel.

But as soon as I shook hands with her, I knew I had nothing to be nervous about.

To say that the meeting went well is a gross understatment!

Pretty much every concern that Andrew and I have tried to get resolved with DFACS was covered in the meeting.

They are doing an intense investigation of Baby Mama and made it very clear that they will be fighting tooth and nail for TPR to be granted.


They also brought up things that we were never able to get straight answers about.

Like how can she keep having positive drug tests but still be allowed visitation?

And why on Earth is DFACS approving a 1 year old to have visits at McDonalds?

And about a million other things.

They found out she is only working about 15 hours a week at a minimum wage job, she is still smoking and drinking, and she is still living in a tiny trailer with a woman who just had her children taken by DFACS.

The CASA worker has signed proof from multiple sources confirming all the information she has found.

The CASA worker has done more work and given us more information in the past week then we've gotten in 12 months from DFACS.

I think it is a shame that every foster child can't have a CASA worker working on their behalf.

They were unaware of today's court date, but were able to put a report together in time for them to be able to testify today.

We also found out a few days ago that the TPR has been filed with the court.

The Judge isn't required to, but she CAN decide to hear that part of the case today!

If she does, we could get the Termination TODAY!!!

So that's a big prayer request.  That the Judge would decide to go ahead and hear the TPR.

Other then that, all positive drug tests will be presented along with a ton of other facts the CASA worker has uncovered.

They will be fighting for all visitation to be cancelled until Birth Mom can have at least 2 negative drug tests.

And with any luck, I'll get the most amazing Mother's Day gift ever.



The Edberg's said...

Good luck today!

Audrey Thompson said...

Holding your precious family in my heart and in my prayers today!

Tammy said...

I'll be praying. Praise God for the CASA worker!

Olive Naturally said...

Praying for a smooth and blessed day for you and your family!

RSMacias said...

I've been following your journey with Josie and Gabe and I'm most definitely praying for you RIGHT NOW!

MyLinda said...

Praying that all went well today!!

miamihoney said...

Praying for you all!!

Amber said...

Praying that everything went well. So glad that he provided someone to work on your behalf!!
Can't wait to hear more good news.

Alison said...

Oh my gosh, I just found your blog...two days ago? And I immediately read Gabe and Josie's entire stories. I can't say enough how much I hope that everything goes well. My husband is in social work, so in the early days of your having Gabe I had an only somewhat sad face on, because I can somewhat understand the court's early decisions, in trying to help BM on her feet...I mean, someone has to. And there shouldn't be any greater motivation than your child, and there's some good in that... Anyway, these are all things that you know, that you've thought about, so anyway. You just have to, you just HAVE to trust that there's a plan in all of this, and today I pray that Gabe becomes your child in all the rest of the ways the world demands. And if not today, then soon!! Darn soon!! Anyway, this was not what I even meant to type! What I meant to type was: don't leave us hanging! Let us know what happened already!

Lots of prayer,

Jessica said...

I'm a pre-k teacher and look for all sorts of ideas. I was looking up alphabet activities on Totally Tots and found you. Have gone through all of your pages and am obsessed with your adorable growing family. I'm not religious (at all- like the opposite of religious) but I don't mind your bible posts like I typically would. I think it's because you don't come off "preachy", you know what I mean?
and your kids- YOUR KIDS! oh my God (sorry! ha!) they are too freakin' cute! love all of the activities you do in your little home school. I will steal some for my class.
And oh yeah- dying to know what happened yesterday!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Sorry, not Totally Tots. it was Abc, 123 feature yourself Friday :)
Not that it makes a huge difference to your life. Just didn't want you like what? Totally Tots? are they stealing my ish??