11 Months

Well Gabey Baby, you are 11 Months Old.

Almost 1!

This past month has been a big one.  He is doing all sorts of things that he hadn't been able to before.

He can now get to the sitting position from laying.  Which he uses to his full advantage when he is supposed to be sleeping.

He still goes to Physical Therapy once a week to work on those leg muscles, but he is now standing with assistance.  Not pulling up or cruising yet, but it will come when he's ready.

Still not crawling, but does his Army Crawl to get everywhere.

And I do mean everywhere!

Josie was such a laid back baby.  She never got into anything. 

Gabe?  Total opposite.

We spent most of December doing this:

The kid was determined to pull the tree down and thought our reaction was hilarious.

Little Stinker.

He just started getting up on all 4's and rocking so I think a real crawl is coming.

Still only 2 teeth on the bottom.  But that doesn't stop him from eating everything in sight.

He babbles all the time.

And has developed a seriously annoying dinosaur noise (tarydactle to be exact) that drives me to the brink of insanity.

And he loves to do it when we are out in public.

He still loves playing with Josie.  Which usually involves her pushing him over repeatedly:

I used to get on to her about it, but he laughs when she does it.  I figure if he starts not liking it he will let us know and I'll start putting an end to it.  I guess little brothers have to learn to deal with older sister torment.

He still goes to bed around 7 and sleeps until 8:30 or 9.  Then takes a long nap around 10:30 or 11 and a shorter on around 4.

The baby laughs all the time.  And has a crooked grin that melts my heart.  Even after that Tyradactle noise.

And he has picked up a few of Josie's mean faces and eye cuts, but he can't hold them as long as she can!

He loves balls and trucks.

What a man's man.

As far as his case goes there are only a couple new developments.

First off, and I can't believe I haven't shared this yet, Baby Daddy was sentenced to 5 years for drug charges.  This is huge since it was the main reason they didn't start TPR at our court date.  The Judge wanted to see what the outcome of his trial would be.

Now we know.

He probably will only serve half of that, but it puts him out of our hair as far as TPR goes.

Baby Mama still has no place to live, but apparently she has gotten a job as a taxi driver in her little middle of nowhere town. 

At night.

Did I mention it's the middle of nowhere?!?

Who needs a taxi cab out there?!?!

The caseworker told us she doesn't really count it as a job since it's straight tips and Baby Mama actually did this job a while back but quit since she didn't make any money.  As of right now, I'm not even entertaining the thought of this counting in court.

She canceled one visit but has shown up for the rest.  I still wish she would quit coming.

We have a little over 2 months before we head back to court.

But, as for me, I have a First Birthday Party to plan so I'm not spending any time thinking about court!


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Jessica said...

Hurray for 1st birthday party planning :P Praying for you guys!

kimmer said...

What a beautiful description of sweet little baby boy! I laughed and cried at the same time! He is such a wonderful blessing in all our lives and in watching you care for him we are all learning more about life and love. You and Andrew are such awesome parents! And he is a very special little boy...much love to you all!