What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday - Church

Purple Turtleneck - Target
Tan Cardi - Target
Jeans - Target

Thursday - Errands & Waffle House for Acustic Christmas Music

Grey Tank - Target
Navy Cardi - Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans - Target
Necklace - Premier

Friday - Christmas Eve @ Darlene's

White Shirt - H&M
Purple Sweater Thing - Amber (Thanks! I love it!)
Jeans - Banana Republic

And my new favorite possesion, my new necklace from The Vintage Pearl!

And my camera's new accessory from Mel[V] Designs!

Saturday - Working At The Waffle!

All things black - Target
White Ruffle Shirt - NY&Co
Lovely Poinsettia Scarf - Good Ole Waffle

Last year I had to dress like a real employee and I hated it.  This year I talked Andrew into letting me look at least a tiny bit nicer.  It worked wonders for my mood all day.  And I was told repeatedly that I was the "prettiest little thing" several men had seen in a Waffle House.  I decided to take it as a compliment!

Sunday - Church

Black Shirt - Old Navy
White Shirt - Target
Jeans - Target
UGGS - My Mom's Cast Offs

I keep forgetting to buy a full length mirror so I just brought my trusty step ladder into the bathroom.  Doesn't quite show the full deal, but it's a little better.  And Andrew thinks it's hilarious!

Monday - Taking Down Christmas

White Tank - Target
Green Cardi - Ann Taylor Loft
Soft Pants - Old Navy

I got half ready then started taking down all the Christmas stuff.  By the time I looked up it was 3 and I didn't see a point in finishing getting ready!

Tuesday - Best Date Day EVER!

Coral Dress - Urban Outfitters
Jean Jacket - Gap
Belt - Urban Outfitters
Leggings - Target
Boots - Herbergers

Andrew took me to, not one, not two, but THREE malls to shop my little heart out!  He didn't complain once!  We found a good shopping method.  I always want his opinion but hate having him waiting outside the dressing room.  So this trip he found a comfy chair and ate American Cookie Company and watched TV on his IPhone and I sent him pictures of the outfits I was trying on so he could give a yay or nay.  It worked perfect!
Then we ate at the Vortex and spent hours driving around the city (his favorite thing to do) talking about life.

It was seriously a perfect day.  I love being married to my best friend!


Amber said...

I love your camera strap!!! Darlene told me about it a month ago and I've can't tell you how many times I've almost slipped up and said something to you about it.

I'm glad the purple sweater fits. I love that sweater. I guess being pregnant made my feet and my shoulders grow!

Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...

Lookin cute! I just realized I am not following your blog...adding myself now!