Obligatory Christmas Post

Christmas Eve we got all dolled up and headed over to Darlene and Curt's house for an amazing dinner.  Curt's daughter was in town from North Carolina and made her famous lasagna. 

It's seriously good.

I would dare say it rivals Amber's and we all know how I feel about Amber's Lasagna!  (yes, it's a proper noun!)

We had another family join us so the kids had to wait extra long to open presents.  I was so proud of how patient Josie was!

And when the other family finally left, Josie was spoiled beyond belief.

And, of course, Gabe got in on the action too.

We saved Josie's big gift for last.

Darlene asked her if she could open any present which one would she choose.  Josie kept going to one with flying Santas on the wrapping paper.  We were all saying, "don't you want this BIG one over here?!!?"  And she said, "Nope.  Gabe can have that one!"

It was so funny!

Eventually she got the hint that the big one was something she might really want, and we were right!

To say it's a hit would be the understatement of the year!

Then the kiddos spent the night with Nana and Papa Curt so I could do my wifely duty and serve my time at the Waffle House!

I worked a double and had a total blast!  My feet hurt on a whole new level by the end of the night and I have a new appreciation of how tired Andrew is at the end of the day.

And around 5 PM Georgia got a huge surprise!

A White Christmas!!!

First time in 100 years!

And while the crazy southerners who can't drive in snow (even when there is none on the roads and, as you can see, the grass isn't even totally covered) make me go nutso, it was pretty exciting to have snow on Christmas!

Josie went out as soon as she woke up and spent most of the day making "snowmen." 

Which were really just tiny piles of snow. 

I have a feeling Josie will be one of those crazy southerners who freaks over tiny bits of snow if I don't get her up to the Frozen Tundra for some real snow soon!

Since then, this is pretty much all I've seen of Josie:

We had a great Christmas!

All our decorations are stored for the year and I'm doing a deep clean today.  I'm more then ready for the New Year!  2011 is going to be filled with a lot of amazing stuff for the Pope's! 


Amber said...

Your such a nice wife to go and work at the waffle. Me, not so much.
I'm glad the Pope's had a great Christmas!!!

Miss you!

Genn said...

First snowfall in 100 years!! Really? Wow how exciting.

And a double at work! I bet you were beat. I used to waitress at Mimi's Cafe. Loved it. But a tiring job!!

Glad I inspired you this week!! Thanks for the nice comment. And I love the socks under boots look, I got that idea from all the cute wiww posts! keeps you warm too.

Have fun with all of that snow!

Kaia said...

Cute picture of the kids!