Snowman Ornaments!

If you're a normal person (unlike me) and haven't put up all your Christmas decorations yet, you can make one of these with your kiddos and have an awesome keepsake for next year's tree!

I've been meaning to get out to get the kids a special ornament for 2010, but keep forgetting.  So as soon as Meg posted this super cute idea I knew it would be perfect!

And it was!

So easy and SO cute!

All you need is an ornament, white paint, a black sharpie and some felt if you feel like getting real crafty.

I just grabbed a couple ornaments off the tree, but if your kids have big hands you may need to get some larger ones.

Just paint your midgets hand white:

And then have them cup their hand around the ornament while you push thier fingers onto it to make a good hand print.

Then scurry them off to bed while the ornament dries.

When it's all dry, just add little snowman faces and top hats to each finger and add the babies name and year to the bottom!

That's it!

I knew right when we finished that this would be one of those ornaments that I will cherish forever and ever!


Tara Ball said...

Very cute!! Sophia did that same ornament this year at preschool. Your right it is one that I will cherish forever.


Amber said...

I heart these. Sure do wish I would have gotten one for Christmas...just sayin.

kimmer said...

These little ornaments are such a treasure! Great idea Nicole! You are quite the crafty Mama! Awesome!