Americas Next Top Model

Alternatly titled: I promise not to become a stage mom!

Now that the magazine has been out for a month I can finally share the rest of Josie's pictures!  I love them and am so proud of her!

We are off today for another shoot.  I'll share those as soon as I'm allowed to!


kimmer said...

Do I have to promise not to become a stage grandmama? I can tell you right this minute...that's going to be tough!

JODY said...

What beautiful pictures! Your daughter is so pretty! You don't know me but I am friends with Bonny Cunz and found your blog on her site. I have enjoyed following your blog. My husband and myself also have been blessed with 2 adopted children and then was blessed with birthing one-not for sure which one we birthed! Jk! Any way you have a lovely family and I am sure Gab will coninue to be apart of your family-how could he not!

Paige said...

Wow, beautiful!