Christmas Morning, Waffle Style

Around these parts, Santa comes during naptime on the Tuesday before Christmas!

Well, at least he would if we did the whole Santa thing.

Andrew and I both work at his Waffle House on Christmas Morning so we try to get the whole Christmas Morning feel earlier in the week.  It's hard to fit in since Mr. Waffle usually logs over 100 hours working the week before Christmas.

The kids must have known something was up because they both refused to nap.  I made them stay in their rooms while I brought everything out, then they had to wait for Andrew to get home.

Josie spent the time sorting what was who's and Gabe tried to knock the tree over.

This was her face at the exact moment Andrew walked in!  Oh this girl is trouble!

And then the Christmas Joy began.

I'm sure this next set of pictures is sure to be one of those Christmas Memories you never forget.

Josie has wanted a Leapster for over a year now.  She seriously asks for one at least once a day.

Well, Grandpa came through for her.

She had no idea what it was when she opened it.

And then I could actually see the moment her brain registered what it was!

She was moving so fast, there was no way I was getting a clear picture!

And this is her saying, "and I want this game, and this game, and this game!"

Uh oh!

Gabey Baby got hooked up too.

From us.  Baby Mama sent not a thing to the child.

Diapers for Old Baby!

Everyone was happy.

Even Mr. Waffle got exactly what he wanted.

A nap.

The kids have another Christmas Morning coming up with Nana and Papa Curt and then one BIG surprise that won't be here until January. 

It was a great Christmas Morning After Nap!


kimmer said...

I love the pictures of the kids looking so excited and having so much fun! Awesome! Josie looks about to burst with joy! How fun! You are so great at making every day (and holiday) special!

Brooke said...

Looks like everyone had a great Christmas! T got a Leapster Explorer from her Aunt and Uncle too!