We like eachother.

Andrew and I have a great core group of friends.

We seriously would hang out with them everyday if we could.

In fact, after checking out The Maybrey's new neighborhood, I'm secretly hoping we can live there someday too. Which is very unlikely since we love our house and live on family land, but I still wish we could!

In fact, I dream of how wonderful it would be if all of us lived in the same neighborhood.

We love having dinner together and after a spontanious game of Dominos the other night, we have decided to make it a weekly thing.




If you're keeping track (which none of you are!) that renders us busy 5 nights a week.

Throw in our monthly Book Club, Mommy's Time Outs, Date Nights, and Playgroup and we may need to petition for a 8 day week!


Sometimes, when Andrew calls with the famous, "wanna have some people over tonight?" call, I huff and puff and act like it's not a good night.

But when everyone shows up I am always, always so glad we did.



Plus, we are all close enough now that everyone kind of helps themselves to whatever they need.

And for a girl without a dishwasher, Amber sure can load one like a pro!


I love that we can spend hours with our friends and have a blast without spending a dime!


Amber said...

Your child is picking her nose in the close-up picture

Ashley said...

Is that chicken foot? Our family gets together and plays that game all the time. Love it!