The Mocha Mamas Strike Again!

I haven't been blogging about it, but we still have our weekly Mocha Mama's Playgroup every Tuesday.

Today's was extra fun because it is my 27th birthday so we got to eat special yummy food!

Amy made her World Famous Buffalo Chicken Dip and, in keeping with our theme, Amber made Mocha Brownies!

Sweet Lord they were rich and delish!

2009 109

2009 105

Sheena is working on potty training Julian.

I'd say he's ready, considering he took off his poopy diaper and brought it to Sheena and then peed in a basket!

To his credit, I had locked the bathroom door due to some bathtub shinanagans earlier in the day!

2009 120

I love our playdates.

The kids get extra wore out and I get to hang out with my best friends.

Look Amy, not a grey hair in sight!

2009 141


Natasha said...

Looks like fun :) Happy birthday!!

D.Jackson said...

Hope you had a happy birthday!

kimmer said...

I am so very happy that you have such awesome friends!!!!!! We girls need each other to laugh and love along the way! How cool that you have these great friends who also have little ones! You will learn and support each other for many years to come...awesome!!!