Mommy's Time Out

Last night we had our second Girls Night that from here forward shall be dubbed "Mommy's Time Out."

Let me just say, if any of you Lady Bloggers don't have a gaggle of amazingly awesome and funny girlfriends that you can see on a regular basis, stop reading and go get you some.

Amber suggests Curves for finding friends if you need a starting point.

I'm pretty sure there is no way for me to do justice to the amount of fun and stress relief that we had last night, but I'll try.

Props go out to our super supportive husbands who stepped right up to keep the kids every month so we can go out and blow off steam.

Half the Dad's got together at our house to eat wings and tag team on the kids. Aaron wasn't there yet when I took this, but I'm proud to report that all children were in tack, sound asleep when we got back.

And the dishes were done.

2009 001

Ignore the fear in the girl's eyes. They were just a tad concerned that we were leaving them with the men folk!

I had to make a special label for our wine!

2009 007

2009 009

We've decided to do one month in at one of our houses and the next month go out.

Last night we headed over to Amber's to make Ornament Wreaths and eat this spread.

2009 011

2009 008

Amber's floor was covered in glitter and Sheena hated her shiny balls.

2009 012

Seriously, this lady is the funniest woman in the World.

2009 014

She's quiet and kind at all times, so when she starts telling stories that make us all want to pee in our pants it makes it even funnier.

Leslie is new to the group, but she fits in perfectly!

2009 016

We all told the story about how our husbands proposed while we inhaled Amber's brownies.

Sheena's story took a record 45 minutes to tell but had us crying from laughing so hard.

We now know how she learned to booty dance at church, that Aaron bought her belly shirts that she didn't actually wear, and we think he did end up asking her to marry him but I don't think we got to that part of the story!

2009 017

2009 018

I forgot to actually read the directions before we started so we had a heck of a time trying to close them up.

And I didn't bring enough ornaments so mine is still a work in progress.

2009 019

2009 021

2009 022

But I decided the craft was just an excuse to get together.

The real memories were made just learning more about these girls.

2009 024

I think Amy said it best, "I love when your friends become your family."

2009 027

Which is exactly how I feel about each of them.

I have never had friends like the ones I have now. Girls who I trust with my child, my secrets, and who I know do the same with me.

I know that my life is more full because of them. I think I'm a better wife, a better mom, a better woman because of what they add.

And for the record, Amber is a total Christmas Showoff.

This tree?

2009 010

It's in Olivia Kate's room.

Full size trees in every room with perfect decorations. I think she got trained at the North Pole or something.

Believe you me, I will be scouring the After Christmas Sales to make sure Josie doesn't have Tree Envy next year!

Last night was great girls! Can't wait for our January Time Out!


Kameron said...

I don't even have one tree up yet!! Wow, it looks like you guys had a great time! The ornament wreaths are so cool!! I want to make one for my living room! Where did you get those ornaments? I love the pointed sparkly ones! Did you find a tutorial online or just wing it?

Lani said...

Good for you ladies! Looks like a blast!!!

Amber said...

Don't be jealous of my Christmas decor skills. I actually didn't even put everything out this year.

I had a fantastic time. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I can't wait till next months!

Laura said...

I love those wreaths!! What type of wire did you use? Did you find an on-line tutorial?? I'd love to make one :)

The Swann's said...

I too want to learn how to make these ornament wreaths! :-) Please do tell!!!

The ladies time outs sound fantastic! Maybe hitting Curve will be beneficial in more than one way afterall! :-) Now I just must sign up...

Angela aroberts377@hotmail.com said...

I found your blog on someone else's and started reading it and...I think I went to high school with your husband! It looks like you don't want to post his name so I can't ask if his first name is the same name of the guy that I know but did he goe to Mt Zion High School?