Everett Rocks!

Not only was this past Saturday the day of Luke's Super Hero Party, it's also this Handsome Little Man turned 3!


His Mom and Dad are our good friends Jason and Tiff and they always throw way fun parties for thier kids!

Everett is really into music so they had a man come play kids songs at a great diner in McDonough!


I'm not going to lie, I cried at his party.

Everett is just one tiny month older then Josie and something about hearing everybody sing Happy Birthday to his 3 year old self got to me.

I really can't believe they are all about to be 3. I'm having a hard time with it.

2 was a big year for her transitioning to Big Girl stuff and I know that by the end of her 3rd year, she will be a full blown Big Girl.

(See Amber, I have tear ducts!)

I may need therapy.

However, after I dried my tears, we had a blast celebrating Everett!



She's still 2!



Happy THIRD Birthday E Man!


Amber said...

Man, twice in one week! I'm so proud!!!

bri said...

What an awesome party!

Last night I had made a comment while praying about Bear's future wife and made myself cry!

I mean c'mon hahaha I was praying for her by all means and then I had to go off and envision him getting married! What the heck am I thinking! LOL

Cherish these days ;)