It's A Bird! It's A Plane!

A few weeks ago I asked Amy what she was doing for Luke's 5th birthday.

We all shreked in horror when she said she wasn't having a party for him!

Around here, we are serious about our kids birthday parties so not having one was out of the question!

After scouring the internet, we came up with the perfect theme for a Super Five Year Old...

Amy, Amber, and I spent the next few playgroups around the sewing machine and baking.


2009 125

All to prepare for this Saturday's Super Hero Birthday Party!



We had Super Cakes,


Pow Punch,


And what's a Super Hero Party without Super Hero Disguises?!?!



We sewed a cape and goggles for all of Luke's little friends.

They took a whole afternoon, but the kids reaction made it totally worth it!

All for this little bugger:



We need to work on our goggle sizing skills.

Poor Josie got a pair that kept going in her eyeballs!



Even Little Olivia got decked out!


She thinks we are totally lame.

No joke.

She looks at us like we are crazy when we put stuff like this on her!



We're going to have to come up with something amazing for her first birthday or I'm pretty sure she won't come!


Andrew is not a fan of kid parties.

However, since he married a woman who is pretty much obsessed with them and has her child's birthday themes planned out until she's 6, he supports me by coming and commenting on what a good job I do.

Which I appreciate. Even if he does end up hiding by the end of the party!


Our Super Cakes were yummy, but the design didn't work out.

It was supposed to be a cupcake cake in the shape of the Superman Symbol with an L in the middle.

I won't tell you what it really looked like, but luckily kids could care less what shape the cake is in!



Please excuse my crazy face in this would be great picture.

I was threatening to take Luke's party away if he didn't smile.

I'm such a nice Aunt!


Luke got some great presents.

Including a Red Rider BB Gun.


Let's all say it together...

"He'll poke his eye out!"

We didn't play any games. Just let the kids run wild and test out their Super Gear by jumping off whatever they could climb.

We had hoped for an outside party, but the "snow" prevented that.


But we did go out for a Super Hero Picture.


Little Julian is such a rebel. Not turning around for the picture!


It was an awesome party, if I do say so myself!

Now I can't wait to get rolling on Josie's 3rd birthday party with is less then four weeks away!



Brooke said...

OK, can you plan T's 3rd party, which is just a few weeks away? I stink at this!

kimmer said...

You are one Awesome Party Planner!!!! And I think we should name your house "party central" !!!!!!!!

Lani said...

I am so not worthy! Izzy's 3rd birthday is in less than three weeks. I have not theme and it is mainly family coming over. I am going to make cup cake cones (cup cakes baked in icecream cones) but that is as creative as I got