After The Freeze

Only in Georgia can you be bundled from the cold one week and at the park in a Spring coat the next!

Not that we are complaining. I'll take warmth over cold any day!

Amy decided we all needed a picnic at the park after being cooped up in the house for the past few weeks and I couldn't have agreed more. I was trying to beat a case of Cabin Fever with a bottle of bleach and it definatly wasn't working!

But the park did the trick.


I am really looking forward to the park this year since Josie can finally navigate everything without needing to be lifted and coaxed.



All my friends have lofty goals that they are determined to master this year.

I finally decided what mine would be, I WILL learn Photoshop.

I took all these pictures and thought they looked great until I put them on the computer and they were way too bright. I tried to tone them down a bit but gave up.

Some turned out great. For the rest, you might need to put on your sunglasses!


Mr. Too Cool For School (until August!)


I also decided that it is much easier to get a good shot of Matalie since I can plop her down and she can't move quite as fast as her older counterparts!




But it doesn't look like Matalie's stationary days will last too much longer!




Maura said...

your pictures look awesome!! Looks like you guys had a blast. I can't wait until it gets warm enough here to play outside!! We have some crazy cabin fever too:)

colesGodmommy said...

Hey, this is random but I have the same camera as you--your picture issues aren't a Photoshop thing...in your camera, there's something called White Balance--when you go outdoors, just adjust your white balance (i.e. when it's sunny, there's a white balance for that--usually a sun--, when you're inside and using tungsten lights (which are normal lamps), there's a white balance for that, etc...) It is like a Godsend and will make your pictures look much better outside! From one photographer to another :P hope that helps!