A New Stage

2009 178

This past week, we have entered a new stage.

Several times I've glanced around looking for Josie and found her at the back table coloring, feeding her babies, or looking at a book.

The first time I saw her I pulled up a bar stool and just watched her for 10 minutes.

She was so content. So peaceful.

I had just been talking to Andrew's Aunt about how I didn't know how to teach her to play by herself. She is constantly saying, "Watch me Mommy." She's scared to play in the toy room by herself. And with no siblings on the visable horizon, I knew she needed to learn to entertain herself.

She must have overheard me, and like so many other things in her life, she took the lead.

I'm so pleased at what a good girl she is. She makes Andrew and I so very proud.

And as happy as I am to see her playing by herself, it's just another reminder that she is growing up. Another hint towards the inevitable.

I'm raising her to leave me.

Which is pretty much the mark of successful parenting. A child growing up to be an independant person.

But that's a little heavy for a Friday morning. So rather then thinking about her growing up too fast, I think I'll pull up a bar stool and watch my baby color.


bri said...


so sad to think of it that way. I mean it is true and VERY healthy BUT so sad.

I am in that phase now when I think... "when will they leave me alone for 10 seconds"... when Bear is NOT hounding me for something I wonder where he is. I will call out his name and then look around and see him lying on the carpet playing with cars. He speaks up and says "right here mommy, playing cars"!! OH ... precious!

Kameron said...

That is sad. I admit, I get a little bugged by the fact that Nate can't play by himself yet, but when you put it into perspective, I guess I will try to enjoy it for a little while longer. :o)