Mission Potty Training

Little Miss is 95% done potty training.

She wears underwear all day long now and we only use diapers at nap time and nighttime now. And even then she's waking up dry, it's just I'm not willing to risk it yet! She love love loves wearing her "undies."

I went and bought diapers last week since we hadn't really officially gotten serious about potty training but it doesn't look like we'll be needing them.
I hadn't ventured out of the house with just undies until last week when I accidentally forgot to put a diaper on her when we went to Whole Foods, but she stayed dry and told me when she had to go potty so since then we have just gone diaperless!

And I already miss her diaper butt.
It feels so weird to hold her without one.

I know she did awesome potty training herself, and I knew the day was coming, but it still surprised me how sad it made me.
Just another reminder that they grow up so fast.
What was a hassle a week ago is now a fond memory that I'll carry with me.

I know we will have another baby someday and I will once again be cursing the price of diapers, but part of me wishes Little Josie would have sported the Diaper Butt look a little longer.

I was going to do a series of posts about potty training since I had such a hard time getting information on how to actually go about it, but she did it so fast that we didn't really end up using any tactics.
If we were going to be home all day, I just didn't put a diaper on her and would take her to the potty about every 20 minutes.
Sometimes I'd forget to ask and she would just tell me when she had to go.

I guess she's a Potty Prodigy.

Now to work on some counting skills!


Lani said...

I am so jealous!!! I still have not gotten there yet. Iz will go pee on the potty when she wants to but only when she wants too. I only tried underwear for a few hours one day and she did okay.

I know i need to push the issue because i know she is mostly ready she is just being stubborn

I am very impressed by how well Josie did!! Wish me luck