On Tour With Joan

My cousin, Emma, landed a dream job as a personal assistant for Joan Baez.
She gets to travel all around the country this Summer and Europe this Fall with all expenses paid, plus she gets paid to do it!
From what I saw, all she has to do is tune guitars and buy Jelly Beans at Whole Foods.
I could totally do that.
Not to mention they stay in the poshest hotels around!I thought rock bands stayed in Motel 6's?!?! She's been on tour for a little over a month now so she was stoked to spend time with family!We even got a tour of the tour bus! And this was no cramped tour bus!
I couldn't believe how nice it was!Emma is all Earthy and wonderful so she loves working with Joan who is big on human rights and the whole saving the Earth thing!
The only rule on the bus is no pooing. Unless your Joan. She gets to poo whenever she wants!Here's Emma with her little bed. The bus sleeps 12. There are a bunch of bunks stacked three high. Emma is on the bottom.I tried it out and decided that I could sleep on a tour bus just fine.Andrew and I thought about joining tour, but we decided Josie would miss us. We kidnapped Emma for the night and exposed her to the wonders of Hampton. I'm sure it will be the highlight of her World Tour!
Wednesday night we headed downtown for the concert.
It was at the Botanical Gardens, so you can just imagine how beautiful it was. The weather has been nice and cool at night so the weather was perfect for an outside show!The show was totally sold out weeks before and when we arrived an hour early there was already a huge line waiting for the doors to open.But that didn't bother us because we were ushered in the side entrance because we were "with Emma, Joan's assistant!"
Emma took us backstage to meet the band and Joan. Joan was so cool! She is 68 years old and has been touring forever!
She was even played Woodstock, but Emma warned us not to ask her about that. She hates that!I didn't get a picture with her because I just felt like a moron asking.
Now I regret it.
There was no assigned seating so we were glad that we got in an hour before everyone else. We got to pick some prime seats.
Poor Bill. We brought him a chair so he wouldn't get all cramped on the ground for four hours, but we neglected to notice that all chairs had to be teeny tiny!
He ended up on the ground with the rest of us! Here's my new favorite picture of me and my honey bunches of oats:Refreshments and Bill's new $34 chair that raised him all of one inch off the ground.We had several Emma Spottings before the show. Here she is tuning a guitar:She looks like she dropped one!
It was surreal to see all the people and think that Emma is doing this every night. What an amazing experience for a girl from the Midwest!
We had a blast!
Thank you Emma for hooking us up!


The Swann's said...

Totally random... I so call my husband my "honey bunches of oats" too!!!!! hahahaha! :-)

Back to blog topic... Such an amazing experience going on! :-) How much fun everyone is having it seems!