A House Full Of Minnesota.

Oh how I have missed my Blog.
I just tried to catch up on my Bloglines and decided I'll have to spread it out over the next week! You guys have been busy!

I've had a house full of guest this past week and was trying to soak up every second of it.
We had a great week.
My cousin, Emma, is touring with Joan Baez and since they had a show in Atlanta my Mom, Bill, and other cousin Pearl all flew in to catch the show.
And to get in a little Josie action!The week was action packed.
There was a delish cookout at Andrew's parent's house: Josie wore lots of lipstick:There were golf cart rides:My Mom cleaned lots of windows:And Josie quickly replaced the fingerprints:We learned about the Kindle:And Josie made the transition to a full time underwear wearer:Which resulted in lots of stickers!Josie became a pogo stick:We ate huge pizzas at Slices:
My car got some much needed brakes (and I got a scolding for having no air in my tires and super low oil. Opps!): Josie found a toy that was destined for Good Will:We spent time outside:And we took two tired toddlers for a day of shopping that was slightly stressful:For us, not them:
It was a great week. I'm exhausted and in need of a pool day before we start moving the Benefield's into their new place on Monday.

Word on the street is that my Dad and Stepmom are coming to visit next month! I am SO SO SO excited to get them up here!!


Kameron said...

Wow, you have been busy! Great pics!