See Ya Later Paci!

I've been talking about throwing her paci away for months now.

I sing her songs about it. I tell stories about it. I point out other kids without paci's.

But I was trigger shy.
Scared out of my mind more like it.
I'm not sure if it was the fear of napless days or the fear of her not being a baby anymore, but I just wasn't ready to do it.

Little Miss woke up this morning and looked me in the eye and said, "Me throw me paci in the trash can. Me no need it. Me a Big Girl!"
I tried to explain to her that once it was in the trash can, it was gone forever.
She was cool with that.

And like a true Blogger, I took pictures of her doing it.

She was so proud. I almost cried.

No diapers, no paci.
Next she'll be telling me she's too big for kisses or for me to rock her to sleep.

A popcicle with breakfast was her prize for being such a big girl. She may think she's all grown, but she's got a few more years of being my baby! Photobucket


Anonymous said...

Hey! I could have use that paci!!! :) Our little girls need to slow it down a little bit.

Sarah Goddard said...

aww that is soo cute!!! I wish I could get Logan to do that!! We doing really well with potty training only having maybe one or 2 accidents the past couple days, but he sure have clung to that paci. I think he thinks that if he gets it out of his sight I might throw it away cause I talk about it lol!!!

Kameron said...

That's awesome that she made the first move!! Great job Josie!

Lani said...

Wow that is impressive!!! I keep hoping Iz will do that...no such luck yet