A Is For Apple!

This week's letter was A!

We did a couple crafts.

The first one was super easy.
I just cut out a couple apple shapes out of paper ad cut up a whole bunch of red squares. My original plan was for JP and Josie to cut their own squares, but I am having the hardest time finding child safe scissors.

We started by looking at the letter A and tracing it with their fingers. Then I squeezed glue all over their apples and let them go to town putting on the red squares.It's funny to see the differences between Josie and JP. JP was much more concerned with where he would put each peice and decided he did not want his whole apple red. Josie on the other hand had her entire apple covered in about five minutes and was begging for more!

This was a fun craft and easy for them to do. The whole time they were doing their art I kept showing them the letter sheet and asking what the letter was.

Today we are painting with apples and eating baked apples for snack!


Kameron said...

That is a great way to make learning fun and interactive!