One Of Those Weeks

I have a million things I need to blog about.

Puddle Jumping, Margarita Parties, Josie's First Ballet Recital.

But it has been one of those weeks.

Weeks where no matter how busy I feel, it still feels like nothing is getting done. Where my list of To Do's is longer at the end of the week then the beginning.

Weeks where I feel like I didn't play with Josie enough but I'm not sure what I did do.

Weeks where my car breaks down on the interstate in the middle of Atlanta.

Oh, did I mention I had a trunk full of groceries at the time?

And that it was 95 degrees out?

Yea, that kind of week.

I think my car is officially not worth repairing. It's 13 years old with 215,000 miles on it. Fixing it would cost way more then it's worth.

But we didn't plan to buy another one until next year.

So I'm basically carless again.

Thank God my pool will be open soon.

Price of admission for my buddies? A ride when I need one!

And as much as I'd like to say that this week will be calmer, I still have to tackle that To Do List that didn't get a single thing crossed off it yet.


On a good note, we just finished up having Bible Study at our house with a great group of people. I refused to let the fact that so much is swimming in my head distract me from the Word God wanted me to get.

I'm thankful that I know he can work things out that I can't fully grasp.

So here's to a better week with a crossed off To Do List by Friday!


Elizabeth said...

Nicole...hate that it's been one of those weeks! :( I pray this next week is a lot better!

Amber said...

At least now, I won't have to call to see if your home before I stop by!

In less than four weeks, we'll be sitting by the ocean with our toes in the sand. : )

Kameron said...

That stinks to break down on the highway!! I hope you get all the stuff done you need to!