Josie's 1st Recital

2009 333

Josie had her first ballet/tap recital on Saturday and she rocked it out!

2009 330

Before I get any comments on it, yes I let her wear makeup. I wasn't going to but after seeing how dolled up all the other girls were at dress rehersal, I decided that a little would be fun for her.

2009 324

We seriously have the greatest friends! Quite a few showed up to support our little ballerina. And since I got there over an hour early, we all got second row seats!

2009 335

2009 334

I was so nervous, I thought I was going to be sick!
And then she came prancing out, without a bit of stage fright, and all was well!

2009 337

2009 339

There is seriously nothing cuter then a group of 3 year old ballerinas!

There were some show boats in the group that were unbelievably funny.

Josie did her ballet and her tap dance beautifully and I was so very proud of her!

2009 345

And then afterwards, she was pretty excited about all the people that came to see her.

2009 352

2009 349

2009 347

2009 355

We went back that night to watch the big girls recital. Josie was entranced and danced right along with them during the Jazz Dance part.

After seeing how well she did, we can't wait to sign her up for next year!


Cunz Family said...

I'm adding dance class to my list of "things I want my daughter to do" list! SO CUTE!

Kameron said...

OMGoodness she looks soooo cute!! I love her outfit! It must be a proud moment to watch your little girl up there!