A Ray Of Sunshine

Last week was a rough one.

But this week is already a thousand times better.

Not only do I think I may have slightly overreacted to the condition of my car (it's fixable) but Mr. Terry has gone into warp speed on the pool!

2009 188

And it is way nicer then I expected it to be.

Someday I will learn to never underestimate Mr. Terry.

2009 189

It may have taken him a year, but I'm already forgiving him for that.

We should be swimming by Monday.

2009 191

2009 190

They came and poured the patio yesterday.

And if you thought Amy, Amber, and I hung out a lot before, just wait until the pool opens up! I'm thinking about putting twin beds in the guest room so they can just spend the entire Summer here.

Oh, who am I kidding? They'd share a bed.

And this here is my spot.

2009 192

Full view of the yard so I can hollar at the kids without ever getting up!

In other related news, our daily garden check gave us some new excitement.

2009 186

Our very first veggies from seeds are making their debut!

2009 187

Teeny Tiny Yellow Squash!!!

I can't wait to pick them!


Amber said...

Ha! Put a pack n' play in the closet for Olivia and the two of us would be set. I have no shame with sharing a bed with Amy.

We'll be there with our suitcases tomorrow! ; )