We sowed

2009 195

And now we reap.

2009 194

We picked our very first veggies from the garden last night.

Pole beans that seem to have grown overnight since they weren't there yesterday.

Josie ate up 3 before we even made it inside.

It is very exciting for us.

And I love that it brings such an important Biblical lesson to life.

You reap what you sow.

Andrew and I try hard to live by this rule. We've seen it manifest in every way in our life. Both good and bad. And since it was our topic at Bible Study Sunday night, I thought it fitting to share.

The Law Of The Harvest.

You reap what you sow. You reap after you sow. And you reap more then you sow.

A bean seed produces a bean. Seeds of kindness, obedience, boldness, and truth produce more of the same. You can't plant hate, debt, and gossip and expect to reap anything but more of the same.

You can't expect your harvest if you haven't put any seed in the ground. You sow and then you reap. So many people get that backwards. Blame God for not providing when they have not taken that first basic step.

And you reap more then you sow. Inside each of our beans is the potental for more. Most people see an acorn and think it has the ability to become an oak tree. When in reality, that one acorn holds an entire forest inside of it. That acorn becomes an oak tree that produces hundreds of acorns that continue the cycle.

Sowing that first seed can be difficult, but when you think of the potential that follows, it is really a tiny sacrfice.

I love seeing God's principles in the natural World. He is truly amazing.