Who Threw Away This Toilet Paper Roll???

Last week we held another Craft Night.

No jugs of wine allowed this time!

I had about a million projects that I wanted to start, but after a day of laying in the sun, I was wiped out.

So I stuck to the easiest one to throw in a bag and we headed over to Ambers.

2009 212

Look Amy! There's Amber in your most favorite tank top!

I found this project a few months ago and everyone laughed at me.

Well, who's laughing now girls! It's turning out pretty amazing!

2009 214

I still have to add a few rows and spray paint it. Then it's going over my fire place.

I love that a main part of my living room decoration is going to be made of toilet paper rolls! That is just so us!

2009 215

The other girls worked on a few things, but we mostly just talked and laughed and avoided the disgusting dessert I made.

Can't win em all.

2009 219

And this little Scooter?

2009 220

She turned 16 on Monday.

She's really 25, but since she's the baby of the group and wears onsies we get to pick on her.

Love you Amy Lou Who. Even if you make the rest of us feel old.