Margaritas and Sangria

Tiffany hosted a Thirty One party last weekend. Thirty One is a company that does home parties and sells monogrammed bags and organizational items. I'm a sucker for anything monogrammed and if you throw in a margarita I'm in serious trouble!

They had a contest for who could bring the best decorated margarita or sangria glass.

I had grand plans for mine, but between a day with Tiffany and Josie's dress rehersal, I totally ran out of time.

2009 298

Then Amy blew my glass out of the water and I decided I didn't stand a chance anyways.

2009 295
2009 296

I love girl time.

Which I guess is pretty obvious since I spend at least one or two nights a week doing stuff with them! I'm so lucky that Andrew is so supportive of me getting breaks.

2009 302

Thirty One sells great products!

I fell in love with about 10 things, but was good and only bought one. I am going to host a party in the next couple weeks and I'm sure I'll go overboard then!

2009 308

The party was a blast! Thanks for a great time Tiff!

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