Craft Night...Kinda.

A few weeks ago, one of our bloggy friends Kameron, had a Girl's Craft Night with a bunch of her friends.

Amber and I decided that was right up our alley. And since Andrew was going to a men's conference and David just happened to by working second shift, we threw a spur of the moment crafty festival together!

Amy, Kim, and Amber showed up around 5 toting all their crafty goodness and a little extra inspiration.

2009 381

All the little girls were wore out so we put them all down for the night around 7 and we went to town trying to finish all our random crafts. Some of mine had been sitting in my closet since before Christmas!

2009 386

The wine was a wonderful motivator, but after a couple glasses things went from bad:

2009 389

(the elastic that should be in Josie's new skirt.)
To worse:

2009 393

And by the time we emptied the jug, crafting was pretty much shot for the night.

2009 391

By the time David and Scott showed up to drag the girls home I had stepped on Amy's frame project and broke the glass, Amber had sewn a dress with no armholes for Olivia, and we all had cried.

2009 385

2009 383

2009 384

Amber finished off the night showing off her cheerleading skills while we all died laughing.

2009 395

I may not have finished all my projects, but I had so much fun!

Our next craft night we are going to attempt felt food and I think a bottle rather then a jug will more then suffice!


bri said...

Cracking.up! Oh my goodness! You are your girls! I REALLY need to find some time to have fun with some girls too :). Like THAT kind of fun. I need some crafty girls! LOL.

I am still cracking up at that picture of your friend holding the jug and you can see your face CHEESING at the bottom. SO FUNNY!

Sometimes no matter what does or does not get done it is the way you "play the game" :). Just let it take you where it will and LAUGH a LOT!

Amber said...

Embarrassing....my mother reads this blog! No more jugs EVER!!!

Elizabeth said...

LOL. I love, love, love this post! All I do is smile every time I read it. Glad y'all had such a good time!

Kameron said...

That is great!! I purposly had only one glass of wine that night! At least it was a fun girl's night in!