The Little Payer Girl

Andrew and I are working hard to teach Josie about money and making wise choices with it.

She's been desperatly asking for an umbrella since her birthday but I wasn't willing to shell out $10 for one. Then she started to get an allowance so we told her if she wanted to, she could save up to buy one for herself. This week she finally had enough.

When we got to Target to pick it up though, she wrinkled up those sweet eyebrows and told me, "We can find it on sale."

Now that sounds like my child!

Two days later we were walking around Wilsons Warehouse and Andrew spotted child sized umbrellas for $1.99!

She is now the proud owner of a on sale umbrella.

Josie learned a great lesson about shopping around for the best price!

Then just last night she treated us all to ice cream.

Baskin Robins was having .31 Cent Scoop Night so we decided it was a perfect chance to let Josie pay for something for the family.

So before church Andrew asked if that was something she would like to do and then helped her count out $2.00 in dimes.

And boy oh boy was she excited!

We may have held up the line for a bit while she counted out 13 dimes, but it was well worth it.

She told us she is "The Little Payer Girl."

It was a great Family Date Night and an awesome memory!


Mrs. M said...

Super sweet!
Little Payer Girl...that's a life long lesson some of us are still learning!:)

bri said...

How precious! She is growing up so big and she is so very smart. Don't you ever doubt that what you are doing with her is enough :)- it is! She is learning well through life lessons that books will never be able to adequately teach!

kimmer said...

This is So Sweet! Josie is so smart and so kind, too, to buy ice cream for the whole family! She is the best little darling girl in the world! At 1st I thought it said "little prayer girl", (and then there's the fact that sometimes words get mis-spelled)...But then I read it and and now I get it!!! She is so great! And so are You!

Kameron said...

That is a girl after my own heart!! I hope Nate and Arielle learn that on sale is always best!!

Kelli said...

This one made me cry. :)