My New Old Things!

Last week, when we had our first Craft Night, I finally got around to finishing up my first antique redo from the barn.

It was gorgeous before I did anything to it, but I knew it needed some love.

2009 341

2009 342

I hemmed and hawed for days about what color to paint it.

Then Amber told me to get over it and just paint it.

If I didn't have Amber, I think everything in my house would be off white. So sad.

Luckily she was able to convince me that there was enough baby blue in my rug to warrant using that color for my new project.

And I'm so glad she did!

2009 399

These pictures do not do it justice.

Add this to the newly covered pillows and my living room is now my favorite spot in the house.

2009 401

Now to figure out how to mend the leg where the wheel fell off.

I'm not done with it yet. She's getting some Modge Podge in the drawer and on the shelf and obviously she needs some pretty handles. But I am impatient and couldn't wait to show it.

Amber is taking applications to her School For The Colorly Challanged if you're stuck in a neutral world like me.

During one of our thrift store jaunts, I found these next projects.

Ugly Frame:

2009 338

New Frame!

2009 400

Modge Podge is so, so good!

That bird house was a Boy Scout project that some mother must not have loved. She must not have known the power of black paint!

The lamp was also a bargain find at $5. I'm doing a revamp on that too, but I'm saving it for our next craft night.

And one last frame redo.

Hello Early 90's Decor:

2009 340

Black spray paint, scrapbook paper, computer print off, and a little Modge Podge later:

2009 398

This is a verse from my favorite worship song.

I love reading it everytime I pass it.

My craft closet is looking much neater now. Our next Craft Night is on the 20th and I can't wait to finish up more stuff!


Laura said...

One of my absolute favorite worship songs EVER....may just have to copy that idea. I love it! And what a cute table! I love redoing ugly stuff!

bri said...

just an idea... I am sure you have thought of it and there is some reason you haven't done it yet BUT... can you take the other 3 wheels off the (WAY CUTE) table to make it all level?

We had a chair or something that had the same issue. I was so torn over what to do. My wonderful husband lifted it and popped the other 3 wheels off and called it a day! :)

Great finds! LOVE(D) going to thrift stores. Back in the day when I didn't have 3 boys 2.5 and under! LOL

What exactly do you use with Modge podge? I know it is a type of glue/sealant stuff but what are you covering the frame with? scrapbook paper?

Kim said...

I will so be there for craft night if ya let me!! I have a few things I am working on this weekend, so I might have to find some more!

Mod Podge Amy said...

All of your re-dos are awesome!!