A Country Girl

2009 137

We live on land that has been in Andrew's family for a really long time.

That cute farm house up there?

That's where Andrew's Mom was born and raised.

She built a house on the land too and raised Andrew there.

And now we are raising our baby on the same land.

I often get teary eyed thinking about how awesome it would have been to have Andrew's MawMaw and his Mom still living on the same driveway as us. I can almost see Josie running up to visit with MawMaw everyday.

But MawMaw never got to meet Josie. Which is a shame since I know they would have been best friends. Andrew and I are both convinced that she had a hand in God sending Josie to us!

This tree was planted the year Andrew was adopted.

2009 133

How cool that he actually got to watch it grow?!?!

I love living, as the ads say, "Comfortably South Of Atlanta."

Close enough to be at Target in 15 minutes, but far enough out that we have pigs and cows as neighbors.

In my mind this is the place to raise a family.

2009 122

But as much as I'd like to call myself a Country Girl, I'm still scared of the barn.

I did go up in the loft part after Andrew promised me there were some antiques screaming to be restored and used in our living room.

How about you? Did you grow up on a farm or in the city or somewhere in between?

*stay tuned to see the great antiques I'm fixing up!


Anonymous said...

Spent every summer growing up on my Uncle's farm in Oregon.. gathering fresh eggs, herding goats, and watching a horse give birth :o)A very rewarding experience.

Mrs. M said...

I grew up on a farm...and lived in a small rural community....now live in a city of a million people and often wish my kids had the space to run, a couple of animals to care for, forts to build, barns to play ball tag in...etc, etc. Thankfully we still have the grandparents grain farm to enjoy. We're blessed that way.

Brooke said...

Oh, the barn looks great! It would make a perfect backdrop for pictures. Can't wait to see the antiques!