Thank You Target Clearance

I love throw pillows.

I think they make a room look comfy and homey.

What I don't love is the $25 price tag.

I'm cheap.

So when I spied these babies on clearance at my Oasis (Target) I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.


$1.48 for a 3 pack. Right up my alley.

Luckily, I had a bunch of pillows in a closet upstairs from when we first got married.

Side note : Newlyweds should not be allowed to decorate on their own. I picked things that I should have known would go out of style. In fact, pretty much everything I registered for was that burgandy red or gold. Seriously. And I only registered for 6 sets of my dishes. Now they are discontinued and I'm sad.

But back to the pillows.

I used one in our bedroom:

2009 396

And one in the living room:

2009 397

And then I used another pack ($1.48 for 4 this time!) of plain brown to cover our psycodelic pillows that came with our couch.

It totally changed the look of the room!

Best $3 I ever spent.


Anonymous said...

So you didn't finish it all on craft night- atleast you got a head start that night! I love them and may try somthing similar!

bri said...

you are so fun! LOL.

I LOVE recovering things. Too bad it is usually fun chairs that I always seem to find! Now those are not an easy $3 fix... which is why they are still sitting in our house all UGLY! LOL One day, right? haha riiiight!