A Year Ago Today...

Blog Entry From September 25th, 2007...

My First Mommy Task
I did my first official mommy errand last night, I went to check out the daycare we are planning to use. I felt like a complete impostor, but it was still really fun. I wasn't sure what questions to ask or how much of our situation I needed to tell them, but I worked my way through it and feel like I got the information I needed. I really like the director and the rooms looked neat. I had this strange feeling that I had been there before. I think I just looks exactly like one that I worked at in high school.They have good security, which was our main concern. My only gripe is that they don't let your child bring their own food. I understand this, allergies of other kids and all, but we don't eat much processed food or sugars. I don't want to pick my child up on a sugar high! I guess we can work around that though! So we will be using this center. I wish I was staying home with the munchkin, but this is the next best thing.Today's mommy task... CONSIGNMENT SALE!!!

And now, a year later, I just dropped my precious baby girl off at daycare (not the same one we originally used) and she has an entire closet of consignment clothes! I can't believe she has been home for almost a year now!
Tonight we are going to be on the panel for the current IMPACT class. The people in the class will get to ask us questions about what our experience has been like and we'll get to show off the most beautiful baby to exist! She's a great marketing tool for DFCS!