My First Mommy Task

I did my first official mommy errand last night, I went to check out the daycare we are planning to use. I felt like a complete impostor, but it was still really fun. I wasn't sure what questions to ask or how much of our situation I needed to tell them, but I worked my way through it and feel like I got the information I needed.
I really like the director and the rooms looked neat. I had this strange feeling that I had been there before. I think I just looks exactly like one that I worked at in high school.
They have good security, which was our main concern. My only gripe is that they don't let your child bring their own food. I understand this, allergies of other kids and all, but we don't eat much processed food or sugars. I don't want to pick my child up on a sugar high! I guess we can work around that though!
So we will be using this center. I wish I was staying home with the munchkin, but this is the next best thing.
Today's mommy task... CONSIGNMENT SALE!!!