IMPACT Class 3

Three down, one to go!
This week, class was actually pretty much a downer. We went over the signs, effects, proof, etc. of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect. So there wasn't a lot of good stuff. I guess I don't want to document too much of it since it makes me so angry that people can treat children like that. They showed us a slideshow of pictures that were taken of some kids right after they came into care. They told us they were worst case senarios and that the chances of us being placed with a child who had been through that were very unlikely, but that doesn't change the fact that the kids in the pictures did go through it. It was awful. And all the pictures are from right in our county. I just can't believe it.
We also went over the "challanges" of raising a child that is a different race then you are. Andrew and I did not agree with the majority of what they were saying. Yea, I suppose it's not a bad idea to read our kids books and buy them toys that represent their race, but in no way do I feel that it is a challange to raise a child that has skin that is different then mine. Andrew is a great case in point of that. I firmly believe that ALL kids should be exposed to different cultures and races; be it in their books or toys or the places we go. I found it funny that black kids should go to lots of "black" events and white kids should go to "white" events. And what exactly is a white event? I guess we could teach them how to clap off beat and have awful dance moves!
Sometimes I forget that I live in the south.
We turned in almost all of our forms. Only one left and Andrew is on his way to drop it off this morning. Missy turned in her reference letter. And if you got one, PLEASE send it in right away! We can't get our certification until they are in!
So needless to say, we are pretty stoked! Baby Pope is getting closer. I still feel completely unprepared though. I think Erika is trying to get some stuff together for us. It's just strange to not be pregnant, but to know that a baby is coming. I still can't decide if it's weird to have a baby shower or tell people where we are registered. Even though we are starting out as foster parents, we still need all that baby gear. I am however, starting to realize that the baby is the important part and that all the stuff that we need will come with time.
Right now Andrew and I are concentrating on relaxing and going to bed at 9. We know those days are coming to an end. And that is perfectly fine with us!
PS - we did post our registry on this page. This may be tacky, but oh well.


Melanie said...

Hey girl that is not tacky at all. you need a lot for a new baby and there is not a greater blessing when your friends and family help you get ready for the baby to arrive.