Day In The Life...

Technically, this day in the life should have started around 12:30 AM when Josie's stupid bug bites woke her up and she continued to cry for the next 3 hours. But I was way too tired to grab the camera so we'll just start at 9 AM when we actually started our day.
Josie ended up sleeping in our bed so I got to wake up to this sweet little thing saying my name and kissing my check. Now that's a good way to start your day!
After consoling Josie from midnight until 3:30 AM, I knew it was going to be a double espresso kind of day. God bless this machine.Josie played with her toys while I made some amazing whole wheat french toast with apple sauce for breakfast. She hadn't really eaten in the past 3 days because of her ear infection, but she finally has her appetite back and she ate a whole piece! This was the first cool weekend we've had in a long time so we opened all the windows to air out the house. I love the south in the fall.Next I did the dreaded dishes. Not too bad considering we had the Benefeilds over the night before.Then Josie "helped" me unload the dishwasher.Since she was up all night, we decided to go down for an early nap.But first we need to put some cream on her little bug bites so she can sleep.All tucked in.I can't stand an unmade bed!!!Much better!I finally get a chance to sit down and enjoy my coffee. Even if it is totally cold from sitting out, it was still yummy!I finished my list for Tiffany's baby shower while watching Oprah talk about a woman with a 140 lb tumor and dry drowning.Unfortunately, Josie thought a 20 minute nap was sufficient. Bummer.I'm such a mean mom, I made her stay in her crib while I got ready. I thought she'd fall back to sleep. I was wrong.I felt pretty bad when I opened her door and saw her. She makes a good sad face.Time to get the baby ready. She looks so cute in jeans! When did she get so tall?!?
I whipped up some grilled cheese and avocado sandwiches for lunch (which we ate in the car).
Then we loaded in to the car to get our errands done.She fell asleep before we even got to the end of our driveway. Little stinker.We stopped by Andrew's store to say hello. We try to go up there every weekend that he works, but since Josie was sleeping we didn't go in this time.I threw her on my back and off we went. I love my Mei Tai and so does Josie!! (http://www.meitaicarrier.com/) We went to the dollar store to get a couple things. We found some cute fairy wings for Josie's Halloween costume. I was going to make them, but they were only a dollar.Last stop, Walmart. I can waste some serious time at this place. Luckily, I was exhausted so I didn't do too much browsing.Josie passed out in the car on the way home. She took a great nap!I unpacked the groceries and kicked myself for forgetting our reusable bags from Whole Foods. I hate how many stupid plastic bags they give you. What a waste.Then I finished up one of the crafts I needed to do for Tiffany's baby shower while I waited for Andrew to get home.YEA! I love when he gets home!!We snuggled on the couch and watched the rest of We Are Marshall until Josie woke up.Hungry again. She wanted to snuggle her Daddy. The weather was so awesome we decided to go for a little walk.Josie got all her bug bites up at Maw Maw's last week so we stayed away from the trees while Andrew played with Boomer.We love our big ol BooBoo's. For a while we thought we were going to have to give him to another family since we weren't playing with him very much, but we have an awesome guy living at Maw Maw's now and he is great with Boomer which makes us very happy. He is landscaping our yard and completely fixing all the issues with Maw Maw's house too. We got really lucky with this guy!Time to say hello to the horses!When we got back to the house I started dinner. Whole Wheat Turkey Lasagna Skillet! Yum!Daddy and Josie shared a Popsicle while they waited. Quite the appetizer!It's usually hit or miss when I cook dinner. Luckily this one was a hit. It had a little too much turkey in it though.Andrew and I finished up the dishes while our slow poke finished her dinner.Then it was upstairs to the playroom for some Little People fun.And some tower building.And then some tower knocking down (her favorite).This is why I quit buying Josie toys. She has more fun with the containers then she does the actual toys! Goof ball!
By now it was getting close to bedtime so Andrew stripped Josie down for a bath. I tried to warn him not to take her diaper off, but he insisted...
Yup. She peed on the floor!!! Too funny!!Andrew put her in the bath and somehow I ended up with pee clean up duty.Gotta love the smell of a fresh baby! This picture reminds me of the first morning she was home. Sweet girl.She wasn't ready to get out.Time to dry off and put on our jammies.
Then we went downstairs to brush her teeth.This used to be a battle. I finally figured out a method that works great; I get to brush her teeth for a couple seconds then...She gets to brush mine! It works like a charm every time!Then we went to the couch to look at her "Who Loves Baby" book. We try to look at this every night. I want to be sure she knows my family even though she doesn't get to see them nearly as much as we wish she could. She knows all of their names and loves to give them all kisses.One last game of catch me if you can!
I put Josie down at about 8 PM and she was out like a light (and finally slept through the night!)Andrew and I ate cookies with milk and watched some mindless TV before heading to bed.
That was our day!