Gabe has been notorious around here for being an awful car rider.

Trips longer then 15 minutes usually resulted in a crying baby and a mother ready to pull her hair out.  We've passed up more then a few trips just because we weren't willing to drive long distances with him.

But last week Andrew and I couldn't resist a trip to the beach.  So we strapped Gabe in his seat and prayed we all made it through the 7 hour drive without losing our sanity.

Well, Gabe did awesome.

Not even a whine out of him until the last hour.  And even I wanted to whine by then.  I was so proud of my big boy.

I've been threatening to throw Gabe's pacifier away for weeks.

Probably more like months.

But I've been scared.  He falls asleep so easy with it and I wasn't feeling up to nighttime battles.

But his sweet little teeth are starting to buck out quite a bit and we are 99% sure the paci was to blame.  So we set a drop dead date.

Sunday morning we threw them away.

All of them.

I braced myself for a long battle of wills at nap time and was pleasantly surprised when he fell asleep minutes after I shut his door.

We are now four days paci sober and he hasn't even asked for it once.

I'm so proud of him even if it does make me a little sad.

Once we wrap up potty training, I'll be forced to acknowledge that my house is baby-less.  I love having kids out of the baby stage, but I'd be lying if I said I don't think I'll miss it.

my view.  all day everyday.

And just for fun, here's the post from when Josie tossed her paci.  Same exact age and both so adorable.


Piper said...

Oh my goodness, he is so cute! That little crinkly nosed smile made me smile right back :D

Sarah said...

Girl-I so know your pain! I was "blessed" with 4 terrible travelers. I think it's why we never go anywhere...

Gosh he is adorable! How do you refrain from squeezing those cheeks all day?