Minnesota Bound

Today the babies and I are climbing on a plane and headed North!

I'm SO excited!  I have plans to fit a whole Minnesota Summer into three weeks and I'm bound and determined to get it all in.  Cabins and fairs, fishing and campfires.  I'm thinking about parks and walks and big city adventures.

I finished planning out our first couple months of school and am taking a few days off from Adoption Discovery work so I can totally focus on being in the moment.  It's going to be awesome.

And while all of that is super exciting for me, I'm most excited for Purminerny 2.0, which is fancy talk for my brother and Nora throwing one heck of a party to celebrate their wedding again.  One blow out bash just wasn't enough.  Gabriel got a fancy new bow tie and grew back most of his hair for the occasion.  You won't want to miss the cuteness.

My Mom sold the house I grew up in over the Winter so this trip feels like a new adventure.

It's about to get all kinds of happy around here!

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And because it just isn't a post without some shots of the Midgets:

Likely to be our last harvest.  Sad face.


Little for a Little While said...

Josie outfit is precious! Welcome to MN, sorry its so dang hot!

Kaia said...

Have a super time at "home," though I'm sure it'll be bittersweet that it's a different house!