Professor B - TOS Review

I'm pretty excited about this review.

Math isn't exactly my strong suit, so I've always known I would need a great resource to help us out.  We have been using a pretty popular program and enjoying it, but it's pricey to buy each level.  So when Professor B came up on the TOS Review List, I was super excited and hoped we'd get picked to review it.

We did and we have LOVED it!


Professor B is an online math program.  We haven't done anything on the computer yet so I wasn't sure if Josie would like it or not.  She loved it.  And I loved that there are printable worksheets for reinforcement.  I have no clue why, but worksheets make me feel better about using an online program.

Josie is doing Level 1 which covers Pre-K through 2nd grade math.  This level introduces addition and subtraction, counting to 100, higher addition and subtraction, place value, parts and order, time and money.

The program is designed for the teacher/parent to sit with their student and do the lessons together.  We sat together and I read the part of the bee and Josie would answer the question.  The problems are presented like flashcards or a slideshow.  Josie could have as much time as she needed to say the answer and when she was ready, we just hit the space bar to advance to the next slide.  I liked that I was able to still be the one teaching her but had the lessons to guide me.

Josie's lessons were presented in parts.  The bee introduced the first part of the lesson slowly with a lot of examples.  As we advanced to the later parts of the lesson, it started to move faster and became more like a game.

The visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities kept Josie interested and excited to see what she would be asked to do next.  I liked that the examples were really easy for me to incorporate into the rest of our day for reinforcement.  Every now and then I would flash my fingers at her and ask her how many and what kind or to add them together and she was able to do it.

This program is very easy to use and perfect for early education math.  It fits really well with my philosophy of keeping it simple.  It isn't super flashy and doesn't contain a bunch of unnecessary fluff.  When she masters a level, we can move on.  No need to sit and drill and redrill.

There are two options for purchasing the program.  You can sign up for month to month for only $20 a month or a year contract for $220.

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Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.