a new sister

(my new little sister Nora Purmort!!!  Epp!)

My brother has had a pretty intense month.

What started out as a normal Halloween, ended with a paradigm shift for our entire family. 

All of our perception of normal changed that day and while it's scary and uncertain and we all have every right to freak out, we've decided collectively that this new normal won't be the end of any of us.

We've rallied together and put on our game faces.

And some of us got married.

My brother has always been the most interesting person in my life.

The kind of guy everyone wants to be friends with and fun just seems to happen anytime you're with him.

So the fact that his wedding was hands down the most fun night ever isn't really a shocker.

It was held in the art gallery that the two of them first meet at a little over a year ago.

The "small affair" had over 150 guests crammed into the space.  

Not a dry eye in the place.

Yup, not even this Bonafide Non-Cryer could hold it together during the unbelievable speeches that all their friends gave.

The room was full of a crazy amount of love and support.  Everyone was so genuinely happy for Aaron and Nora that it just radiated throughout the place.

Snow came down during the entire ceremony.  Everything was just magical.

Just like their story.

Nora is an amazing, no seriously, amazing writer.  She wrote about the day that changed her life forever earlier this week and as I sat and read it, then reread it, I felt the magic stirring.

(Do yourself a favor and read her article.  She's crazy good with words.)

No doubt the night was going to be incredible.

And it was.

I stood there in awe the whole night of how our universe molds and shapes and brings us to where we are meant to be.  

So much love in that room.

And the HUGE Twitter Board displayed on the wall showed how these two were inspiring people way beyond the 4 walls of the gallery.

It was crazy awesome.

Just like the two of them.

To see my brother with Nora is like a breath of fresh air.

They seem invincible.  

Nothing, including a brain tumor, can stop them.

The wedding was amazing.  You can watch the ceremony and hear a few of the so Aaron and Nora speeches on their website:

You may even catch a glimpse of Josie and her new friends who spent the entire wedding like this:

Best night ever.

Welcome to the family Nora!  I love you like crazy!

(And here's the news clip done on them.)  


Mandy said...

thanks for sharing this!

kimmer said...

Thanks for the awesome post, Nicole! A wife for Aaron, a sister for you, another daughter for us, a very wonderful auntie for Josie and Gabe....she is a special, amazing girl and I am so happy that you two are so connected! We are so blessed!!! Now we have two amazing writers in the family! You girls should collaborate and write the greatest story ever told! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Love love love love love love love.


Anonymous said...

You're so lucky your brother married such a lovely girl.