Holidazzle Parade

When my brother made his announcement that he was getting married this December I was so excited.

Not only because I love, love, love his choice of bride, but because I had been wanting to take Josie to the Hollidazzle Parade!

The Hollidazzle Parade was a staple when I was growing up.  And seeing my kids do things I did growing up makes me really happy.

I knew Josie would love it, but visiting Minnesota in the Winter just isn't high on my list of fun. 

With Aaron and Nora's wedding though, I had no excuses to not take her.

I almost chickened out when I was reminded how cold December nights in Minnesota are, but we ended up going and it was awesome!

All the floats and people are covered in Christmas lights!

It's really neat.

We got there right as it was starting and found the perfect spot.

When the parade is over, everyone files up to the 8th floor of Macy's to go through the Christmas Display and see the Jolly Old Elf.

This year's theme was "A Day In The Life of An Elf."  It was super cute.

 And for the first time in Josie History, she sat AND talked to Santa!

We actually don't "do" Santa at our house.  She knows all the gifts are from us.

But in true 4 year old fashion, she still believes.

And we have decided to let her.

She told me that even though we put the presents out for Christmas she had to tell Santa she wants the Toy Story Toys just to be sure he knew.

Seeing her whisper and laugh with Santa was adorable and I was so proud of how much she has grown up this past year.

So confident.  So sure of herself.

And now I need to go find all the Toy Story toys for my little elf...


Anonymous said...

Target sells them all in a box called Andy's Toy Box.