The day we got to Minnesota it was crazy warm.

Well, crazy warm for Minnesota in December.

We didn't even have to wear jackets.

Josie was pretty sad that there wasn't any snow.  She had her heart set on making a snowman with her Uncle Aaron.

Someone must have heard her pleas for snow because on the drive home from dinner she spotted her first flurries of her beloved snow.

josie and uncle aaron in the snow.  this picture is magical to me.

It started out light, but kept coming down through the night and we woke up to a more Wintery looking Minnesota.

Wanna guess how many times I heard, "can we go build a snowman?" before 9AM?!?!

Josie loved it.

Gabe, not so much.

He stood there with his arms straight out in his marshmallow coat and cried until I brought him inside to warm up.

Josie had to be drug off her "sleigh."  She was sopping wet and froze to the bone, but happy as happy can be.

She kept saying, "I just can't believe it isn't melting yet!"

You aren't in Georgia anymore baby!

And now for a plethora of pictures of my babies in the snow:

 Wet Hair, No Coat.  Mother Of The Year right here...

Added a sweatshirt.  Close, but still a far cry from good parenting...


Anonymous said...

Totally LOVE these!!!
My son is 16 months & I'm so excited for him to experience his first real snow.