Mustard Pie - Fall 2012

We are settling into our Minnesota Headquarters.

I have grand plans of doing all the required Minnesota Summer Adventures so I'm dubbing my Mom's house Ground Zero.  The weather is cool, the hugs are abundant, and I'm soaking in the feeling of home.  

So while I adjust to Lake Living, here are some shots of Josie from a shoot she did last Fall for Mustard Pie Designs.  We couldn't share pictures until the line was released and I'm a little sad over how much she has changed in a year.  She's lost all the baby in her face and is a full fledged woman child now.

Get your Mustard Pie here.
Hats from Magpie Originals.


Traci said...

I LOVE top hats and she makes this one 10 times more adorable!

christina said...

Oh how cute is she!???