Super Duper Publications

Alright guys, this review is our favorite one yet!

I had never heard of Super Duper Publications before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  Some of the computer games we have tried in the past have been a big let down for Josie.  We received Hear Builder - Following Directions from Super Duper Publications about a month ago and she has wanted to play it almost everyday.  

She loves it!

Hear Builder - Following Directions is a simple game where the player has to listen carefully to the instructions and follow them in the right order to make toys.  

And really, what 5 year old couldn't use some practice following directions?  

The game is geared towards children in Pre-K to 3rd grade.  Josie is in the middle of her Kindergarten year and it was great for her.  The graphics were simple but engaging and colorful.  I loved that there was a button she could hit if she missed the directions.  This gave her another chance and also allowed her to play independently without me sitting right there.

It's been the sole reason I can get dinner cooked without any midgets at my feet this past month.

Unlike a lot of computer games, we loved that she could jump from level to level without having to complete an entire level first.  This really helped keep her from getting bored.  The program tracks her progress so that I can go back check on how well she did.  We used this more for fun then as curriculum so I didn't make her go back and redo the parts she didn't do well on.  However, if you have a child that could use some practice listening, this would be great to work into your lessons.

Another added bonus is that the directions are given with color and shape in a lot of the games.  I think this will be a great game to have Gabriel play when he starts preschool to help nail down those skills.

Overall, we are very pleased with this game.  It's fun and educational.  Not to mention they have to sit quietly to hear the directions!

The home edition of this game costs $69.95.  You can save 30% by using the code BLGFD30 before August 31st. 

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I also recommend looking at the Super Duper Publications website if you are looking for some fun games (computer and regular) for your schooling.  The magazine they sent us with this game was full of awesome things.  Josie started her Christmas list with quite a few things she'd like to have while going through it.  They also have a lot of items for children with different learning disabilities.  It's a great company!

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Disclaimer:  I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.