Too Grown

While most of my friends are trying to get their toddlers out of diapers, I am apparently raising another Potty Prodigy.

Gabriel has decided that diapers just aren't cool.

He used the potty the first time when we were in Florida in February.

My brother said, "I think Gabe needs to go to the bathroom."

I smirked at his naivety.  "He's just turned two.  He's not potty trained."

But Gabriel kept pulling at his diaper and I couldn't deny that it did sound like he was saying, "potty."

So I took him.  And he went.

I figured it was a fluke, but he did it a few more times on our trip.  If I wasn't lazy about it, I think he would have been out of diapers by now.  But I am lazy and taking a diaper off and on isn't really all that fun.

The past few weeks, he's gotten pretty serious about it.  

He wants to go as soon as he gets up and cries if I don't take him when he asks.  I haven't had to change a poopy diaper in over a week.

Josie potty trained herself at 2 too.  I remember how proud I was and rushed out to get her big girl undies. But then I cried.  If you've ever had a baby go from diapers to undies you know, there's a mourning season for the loss of Diaper Butt.  I'm not ready to upgrade Gabe just yet.  I'm hoping he'll indulge me just a little longer.

I think I'm going to have to come to terms with the fact that my baby is growing up.  Without my permission.

Andrew said we need to throw out his paci soon.  Potty trained and no paci?  That might push me over the edge.


Brooke said...

Way to go, Gabe! That's awesome. (And I've heard boys usually potty train later than girls). I think I need to send V your way :)

kimmer said...

Little Gabe is one smart little guy! So proud of him! Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks! Good Boy, Gabey baby!

Phyllis said...

I know how you feel, but you are very lucky to have kids so easy to potty train!

Stef Ryan said...

My son, Miles, is doing the exact same thing. He'll be 2 in August, but he tells us every time he's just finished his business and now wants to sit on the potty. I always thought boys figured this stuff out later. Who knew?

Traci said...

Omg, you're so lucky that they potty train so easy! But I can relate to how quickly they grow up too.

ji said...

Wow...can we hire Gabe to come give a motivational speech to my Levi?? :)