Fontan Surgery

We've been doing some research to learn more about the options we have for Gabe's heart.

I say options, but we really have no choice in the matter.  His heart will either get stronger and we will have the Fontan Surgery to complete the series of heart surgeries he started days after birth or his heart will continue to weaken and we will add his name to the transplant list.

Part of me thinks the transplant would cure him so that's the best option.  But in reality, heart transplants come with an insane amount of risks and lifelong medications.  The thought of a doctor putting my baby to sleep, taking out his heart, and putting someone else's in his tiny body makes me want to throw up.  It's scary stuff.

So I'm trying to learn all I can about the Fontan Surgery.

It's still scary, but for some reason, not nearly as sickening as a heart transplant.  I recently found this video on a HLHS Blog.  It explains the entire series of surgeries and I thought some of you might be interested in learning about it too.


Isn't it crazy what they can do?  

I'm in awe of the whole thing.  I still can't believe that my baby had these big surgeries just days after being born.  He is such a rockstar.


kimmer said...

This is so informative and good information. You are absolutely right...Gabe is a Rock Star! When the time is right we will help him through this and all will be well. Sending you so much love!

kimmer said...

Thank you so much for sharing this video. It helps so much to understand more about the actual procedures and how they work to help the heart functioning. I am so thankful for these brilliant doctors and nurses and their abilities! When the time comes, Gabe will be in the best of hands.