Growing Beans

Josie and I have tried growing bean seeds inside for the past two years.

We used a baggie and a wet cotton ball the first year and a cup with soil the next.  Last year we got a tiny sprout, but nothing too impressive.

This year we used a glass jar and lined in with a few paper towels.  I had Josie pour in a cup of water then put the seeds in half way down.

Then we put it in the window and waited.

And then we watched a seed turn into new life!

It was awesome!

Such a great learning experience.  Those two bottom leaves are actually the original seed!  I never knew that the old seed shell became part of the plant.  We planted it in the garden, but it's not doing too hot out there.

I found this Plant Observation Book on Soaring into Second.  It was great for recording the changes we saw in our bean seeds.

Science Sunday


Kameron said...

This post was awesome! Natey planted bean seeds too. They are growing in a little milk container in our windowsill, but it was cool to show him just now how it looked under the soil!

Jolanthe Erb said...

Wow! We've never tried it in a jar, but that is great!

Ticia said...

It grew so tall! I've never seen one grow so tall before.

Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!