Wiggly Worms

We had a rainy week right as we started talking about how worms help gardens grow.

I figured it was perfect for us to go dig for worms and do some experiments.  I went out in the rain and dug in the mud, neither of which I enjoy, twice and we came up with zero worms.

So Daddy came to the rescue.

We still only found one measly little worm, but it was good enough for our projects.

She was so excited to play with her worm.

Which she named "Stephen."  I could not love this child more.

I read her a few books on earthworms while she got to know her new buddy.  

Then we did a few experiments.  We tested to see if he liked wet or dry paper towels, sand or soil, and water or vinegar.  The little bugger moved quick!  I've never looked at a worm up close so it was neat to see the segments and watch how they move.  

When I thought the poor worm could use a Josie Break, we worked on our Wormery.  He got quite the upgrade from the rock we found him under!

I found directions online, but we didn't have everything that we needed so we improvised.  You basically want to put something in the middle of the jar or bottle to force the worm to make it's tunnels towards the outside where you can see it.  The baggie of warm water is to keep it a good temperature for the worm.

We alternated soil and red clay so that we could see how a worm mixed all the soil together.  We watched him for two days and then let him go since I had no idea if he needed food!

We wrapped up the week with this worm observation book and worksheet.  The worksheet is meant for an older child, but with a little altering, it was great for her level.

This ended up being one of my favorite units!  I had no idea worms were so interesting!


kimmer said...

It's so great how you're learning so much right along with her!!! Who knew worms could be that interesting! Not me! Josie is brave! Did agave touch 'em?

Stef Ryan said...

It must be the age. My daughter (who will be five in September) LOVES worms and bugs of all kinds. I don't remember ever being that brave. :)

Traci said...

"Stephen" Oh I love it =)

Traci said...

"Stephen" Oh I love it =)

Km said...

How precious!!!! Who knew worms could be so delightful and fun??? Isn't it amazing how when we teach our children we learn as much as they do!???

Sarah said...

I love her face when she's holding the worm! My boys are all about digging for worms, but my girls won't touch them...

Ticia said...

Those worms are great. I never remember to grab some when we've got rainy weather to explore. I need to work on that.

Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!