Happy? Happy.

Anytime we are in the car Gabe says, "Mama happy?"

And I can't think of a better way to describe my life right now then with a simple Happy.

It just feels like the good keeps getting better and even our not so happy days are quickly replaced with more happy.

We had a house full of happy this past weekend.

My Mom, Bill, my brother, and my new Nora all flew in to celebrate this little man's 2nd birthday.

He wasn't too sure about us all singing to him.

We didn't do anything big.  Just a few of the family over for pizza and cake and baby boy spoiling.  

I pray Gabriel never sees the pictures from Josie's second birthday.  I swear I don't love him any less, I've just calmed my Over The Top Kid Birthday Party ways.

We only had one full day with Aaron and Nora here and we filled it to the brim.

Flea markets with Griffin's finest, Braves wear shopping, burgers, yogurt, and lots of Uncle Adoration.

Josie loves her Uncle Aaron something fierce.

After they flew back to the Frozen Tundra, we spent the rest of the weekend hanging out and enjoying each other.

All our guest are gone now, but there's still a lot of happy in my heart.

Happy that we're spending more time at home.

Happy that we are eating healthy again.

Happy to find little army men hiding around my house.

Happy that the sun has been shining.

Happy for my curly haired babes.

Happy that my boy is taking up a love for cars (although he still prefers Josie's heart boots).

And happy to have one less tooth to brush.

Yup.  I think it's safe to say that Mama is definitely "Happy."